common round iron nails
collated coil wire nails
galvanized square boat nail
duplex head nails
concrete nails
galvanized roofing nails
flat head panel pins
shoot nail
cement nails
furniture nail
brad head nails
drywall screw nails
finishing nail (headless nail)
cut masonry nail

Wire Nail Making Machine:

Nails Making Process
Wire Nail Making Machine
Automatic Nails Machine
filter element
hydraulic hose


BWG Wire Nails Co. provides quality iron wire processed nail products, used for general purpose applications as fasteners. Products include Roofing Nails, Fetter Ring Shank Iron Nails, Concrete Steel Nails, Flat Head Panel Pins, Shoot Nails, Common Round Iron Nails, Annular Thread Ring Shank Nails, Fine Iron Nails, Finishing Nails, Iron Brad Nails, Shoe Iron Tacks, Galvanized Iron Square Boat Nails, etc.

Finish can be: Polished, vinyl plated, blued, phosphated, hot dipped galvanized, temper hardened, electro galvanized or color painted.

    Common Round Iron Nails

Available in countersunk, checkered or plain head, diamond point, polished.
Application: Common round iron wire nails are used for general construction purpose, wooden cases and furniture.

    Collated Coil Wire Nails

Collated coil nails are used in the industries of wood furniture, architecture, board package and fitment.

    Galvanized Square Boat Nails

Technical Info:
Materials: Galvanized steel or copper coated
Shank Type: Square
Head: Conical Type
Uses: Commonly used in making of wood boat, etc.

    Duplex Head Nails
Duplex head nails description:
Double headed, smooth shank, diamond shank, bright finish.
Duplex head nails application: Duplex head nails are used for temporary construction, such as form work or scaffolding. The double head on this nail makes it easy to pull out when forms or scaffolding are torn down.
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